Town Walls – Section F


Town Walls are a necessity for town to survive in medieval world of invasion and conquest. Wealthy towns are enclosed by protective walls and the only access to the town is regulated through Town Gate.

Right side ending section (when facing the walls form the outside). Use this section if your walls are not completely enclosed.



Use the wall sections to form a medieval fortified town or castle to your liking!

Use A and B sections to add to the length of the wall.
Sections C and D are adapters which are used to connect the walls to the Town Gate.
Sections E and F are the ending points of the wall (in case that the walls are not completely enclosed and don’t end with Towers).
Sections G and H are adapters which are used to connect the walls to the Fortified Tower.
Sections G and H together with Fortified Towers, which are perfect to be used as corner towers, enable you to make turns with the walls and to completely enclose the town. Fortified Tower is an octogonal structure designed in a way that allows you to make corners in various degree angles.

This system allows you to make a unique fortified town or castle. It is up to you whether you want to make straight fortified wall with no entrance at all, straight fortified wall with mighty Town Gate in the middle, or even massive and impressive enclosed fortification that includes walls, Fortified Towers and the Town Gate. Check out some of the examples in the picture gallery.

Scheme of a straight fortified wall with the Town Gate in the middle:

Note that section B is always connected to section A or ending sections E and F as shown on the example below:

The model is supplied unassembled and unpainted.
Make sure to check the instructions page on how to prepare and paint resin kits.

Additional information

Weight 280 g
Dimensions 8.5 × 10.5 × 18 cm


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