Horses are expensive working animals, used for transport, communication, and battle as well as a statement of status. Every farm has its own horse and it is considered as a valuable commodity. This is why stables are complementary to the house, or built as close as possible to it. Their quality had to be better than other farm buildings, as keeping their horse in prime condition was vital to the economy of the household.

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While created in a larger 32mm scale, the Stable fits 28mm models beautifully and gives plenty of room to move models around the fully playable inside. Scatter terrain is easily placed in the larger interior to provide new and exciting layouts.
We offer two options: BASIC STABLE and COMPLETE STABLE

The Basic Stable consists of the stable structure itself and the standard flat roof.

The Complete Stable comes with the basic structure as well as the loft, shed and corral upgrades.

NOTE that some of the photos in the gallery contain additional accessories that are not supplied with Stable kit (tools, animals, hay stacks, etc). These are bought separately and you can find them in Accessories section of our webshop.

The model is supplied unassembled and unpainted.
Make sure to check the instructions page on how to prepare and paint resin kits.

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