This kit contains all that a big Graveyard should have. Many tombstones and other common Graveyard features are complemented by Walls and Fences that allow you to enclose your Graveyard through your own, intricate design, topped with magnificent Graveyard Gates. The total length of walls in this set is 88 in. (223 cm). To round it off, this set also includes two sets of Dead Trees to make your crows feel right at home.


The Graveyard model fits very nicely with both of our ranges. While created in a larger 32mm scale, the Graveyard fits 28, or even 25mm models beautifully and gives plenty of room to move models around the different features of the Graveyard. The model is highly detailed and versatile.

The kit consists of the following:

  • Chapel
  • Mausoleum
  • 2x Tombstones
  • 2x Tomb
  •  Dead Trees
  • Graveyard Gates
  •   Straight Walls
  •   Curved Walls
  •   Straight Pillars
  • Corner Pillars
  •   Miscellaneous Pillars

This kit allows you to build the Graveyard like one shown in the gallery. Note however that the base is not included and some additional parts are included. Also the photos feature the Undertaker Hut which was a Kickstarter exclusive and is not a part of the kit. We replaced it with another Tomb to fill the space. This kit can be expanded with additional elements. You can add more walls, additional Small Gate, Kings Mausoleum, Church, Shrine, Ruined Walls, etc. (all of which you can find in the “Graveyard” category on the side menu). The Graveyard system is designed in a way that allows you to create the Graveyard of any shape or size!

Additional information

Weight 1723 g


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