• Houses in the medieval towns reflected the rank of those living in them. Although stone building was encouraged, expense meant that most houses were built of wood. Those built of stone, were the homes of the rich people such as merchants and renown craftsmen.
  • Graveyard

    This kit contains all that a big Graveyard should have. Many tombstones and other common Graveyard features are complemented by Walls and Fences that allow you to enclose your Graveyard through your own, intricate design, topped with magnificent Graveyard Gates. The total length of walls in this set is 88 in. (223 cm). To round it off, this set also includes two sets of Dead Trees to make your crows feel right at home.
  • This luxurious house is where the town’s well known merchant spends his days in peace and welfare. Townsfolk know him as a fair trader and a tolerant man who is always kind and ready to help people in trouble. In his shop, placed on the ground floor, you can find everything you need be it food, tools or even medicine.
  • Stable

    Horses are expensive working animals, used for transport, communication, and battle as well as a statement of status. Every farm has its own horse and it is considered as a valuable commodity. This is why stables are complementary to the house, or built as close as possible to it. Their quality had to be better than other farm buildings, as keeping their horse in prime condition was vital to the economy of the household.
  • Monument

    Each civilization has its heroes, kings, warlords and many other great individuals who leave their mark in its history. What better way to commemorate them than to carve their name and story into stone and bronze. Monuments are built to stand firm and keep the memory of a fallen hero for generations.
  • Chapel

    The Chapel is a great addition to any gaming table, and it fits in many different settings and time periods. Apart from using it with Graveyard, it can be used as a small roadside chapel for example, or maybe even a private family chapel in your town.  
  • Mausoleums are monumental features and make any Graveyard, look remarkable. They are large and impressive constructions most often built for a deceased leader or nobility.
  • Church

    The Church can be featured in the Graveyard, but also as a part of a nearby village or a town. While the smaller Chapel is perfect to serve as a Chantry where the prayers for the dead are made, the Church, bigger in size, can accommodate more townsfolk for their daily worship.
  • This grandiose and towering structure is a perfect centerpiece that will make your Graveyard truly spectacular!


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