Due to the Brexit new regulations UK has implemented two thresholds for importing goods from the EU.

1) under 135 GBP (excluding shipping) – customer pays UK VAT (20%) to Tabletop World.
2) 135 GBP or more (excluding shipping) – customer does not have to pay VAT to Tabletop World, but may be subject to the UK VAT (20%) upon import to the UK.

For the first option, Tabletop World has to have a UK VAT number, which we applied for 2 months ago, but is still pending. We will not be able to ship out UK based rewards that are valued less than 135GBP ($190) (excluding shipping) until we receive our UK VAT number. We hope we will receive it soon, but there is no information on when this might happen.

More info on this subject can be found on GOV.UK here: