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Dead Trees

Time for the new update! This time we present you our brand new, realistic looking Dead Trees! These trees will complement nicely the new Graveyard kit. However they can be used in any setting. By adding foliage you can turn them into blooming trees. 🙂

Dead Trees2020-08-13T15:39:47+02:00

New Tombstones!

We present you the new Tombstones! When creating them, great amount of attention was given to each tombstone! We wanted to make each tombstone as realistic as possible and unique in design while making sure that they fit together nicely. This is just a small selection of our upcoming tombstone set. There will be more! 🙂

New Tombstones!2020-08-13T15:27:17+02:00

Tomb and Crows

New update on our ultimate Graveyard kickstarter! We present you the Tomb and the Crows! Crows will be available separately and you will be able to get as many as you want. 🙂
Stay tuned for the Tombstones! 😉

Tomb and Crows2020-07-02T14:14:37+02:00

New Mausoleum!

Mausoleum is a must for every Gothic graveyard! We present you the new model which will be a part of our upcoming Graveyard kickstarter!
More news soon! 😉

New Mausoleum!2020-06-11T16:16:13+02:00

Walls & Fences

New update on our upcoming Graveyard Kickstarter! We present you the new system of walls and fences that gives you endless possibilities! There are five types of pillars with different indentations that allow you to assemble walls and fences in any shape you like! This system may be used in various ways, not only for graveyards. They are perfect for urban and rural settings. More news coming soon!



Walls & Fences2020-06-11T16:02:11+02:00

Graveyard Kickstarter announced!

Hello guys,
We have a new Kickstarter to announce! We are bringing you the ultimate Graveyard kit! It will have the highest possible level of details and versatility which will allow you to make the Graveyard of any size and to your own liking. Since we discontinued our old Graveyard kit and still have a lot of demand for it, we decided to make a new and far more superior one! This kit will be suitable for both of our ranges, Altburg and Midgard and a perfect setting for different games, especially skirmish games and RPG-s.
For starters, we are presenting you the graveyard gates!
Stay tuned for more exciting news! 😉

Graveyard Kickstarter announced!2020-05-21T14:42:27+02:00
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