imagen times of war medieval towns were the central focus of armed conflict and would often be sacked and ruined in defeat. War, depopulation and disease lead to ruined structures. These buildings were becoming progressively derelict over time due to weathering and scavenging.




Highly detailed building with both interior and exterior. The model is very easy to use. Especially suitable for skirmish wargames.




The model is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

Make sure to check the instructions page on how to prepare and paint resin kits.


PICTURE GALLERY (click to enlarge):


image image image image
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NOTE: In the first and last picture in the gallery we added additional rubble. This Rubble is bought separately. To see exactly what the kit contains, check out the picture of the unassembled model.


price: 57€ (VAT not included)

dimensions: 10x17x22cm (3,9x6,7x8,7inch)

weight: 480g