New Year Special Offer!

During these trying times and our ongoing Graveyard Kickstarter campaign we managed to create a new building for you! We are proud to present you the new Timbered House! It is built in Heroic scale with modeled interior, stairs, functional doors and windows which makes it a great stage for your skirmish games or RPG sessions.  It is perfect for both 28mm and 32mm miniatures.

The New Year Special Offer will last until the end of the year 2021 and it presents a preorder in form of coupons.

We are offering coupon codes that you will be able to purchase until the end of year 2021. You will be able to use the coupons from the 1st of January 2022 in our web-shop. New Year Special Offer gives you a far bigger value for your money:

Coupon code in value of 50€ ($57) you can get for 44€ ($49)

Coupon code in value of 100€ ($113) you can get for 85€ ($96)

Coupon code in value of 200€ ($226) you can get for 166€ ($188)

Coupon code in value of 300€ ($339) you can get for 243€ ($275)

Coupon code in value of 500€ ($565) you can get for 395€ ($446)

Coupon code in value of 1000€ ($1130) you can get for 770€ ($870)

Coupon code will be sent to your e-mail address as a personalized Tabletop World designed Christmas Card you can even put under your Christmas tree. We will put your name in the coupon code design. However, if you wish to present it as a gift to someone, just wright the name of the person in the “note” field during the checkout and we will put it on the coupon code.

Also, if you decide to use the New Year Special Offer coupon to order our new Timbered House you will get one Supplies accessories kit from our range as a free gift!

In addition, all of you who buy the New Year Special Offer coupon will have the exclusive right to buy the Timbered House which will not be available to the general public until all of your orders are completed and models are sent to your addresses.

With the New Year Special Offer coupon you will be able to order our new Timbered House and/or any other product from our range.

The shipping is not covered by the coupon and will be calculated once you make the order. VAT for the New Year Special Offer coupons will be charged to all EU customers.

The Timbered House will be priced at 125€ ($141) and it will contain all the parts shown on the kit photo above. All other accessories and miniatures on the photos are added for representation purposes and size comparison only and are not included in the Timbered House kit. However, you can purchase them separately in our web-shop.

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