Hello guys,

Something big is cooking! We are embarking on a new journey of building an epic display table which will include all of our current buildings as well as those released in the future! The idea is to build the board, tile by tile, making each tile a standalone diorama. The board will be designed in a way that it can extend indefinitely, and hopefully one day we will need a dedicated room just to display this project. The Town of Altburg will be set in Autumn and will lean toward the grim-dark aesthetics. It will feature both the rural outskirts and the town inside the city walls. The plan is to document this years long project with lots of photos, videos and tutorials on how we build and paint the board. We are very excited about the project and looking forward to your feedback. To get a sense of atmosphere we are going for, here is the first building painted for the board ‚Äď Townhouse II from our Midgard range.